Joshua James – “Esperanza” single/video released!

June 17, 2014

You may now venture out into the wilds of the web and view/purchase/steal Joshua’s tribute to Kerouac’s “Tristessa”.


Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!
Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!

Si me quieres a lado.
Dame mas que tu cuerpo
Soy tu hombre no mas
Te regreso jamas. Mi esperanza!

Ojala que recuerdes
de la sombra de mi
Amor, yo nunca podría
olvidarme de ti

Se crecera mas negro
El corazón al dentro
En mi pecho esta
Sin tu beso sera, mi Esperanza!

Cuando vea tu nombre
En el libro de muertos
Embezare caminando
Al lugar de tu cuerpo

La guitarra se cantara
Cada corde alcanzara
Al hogar de Dios
Lloarare con mi voz, a Esperanza.

Joshua James sings “Esperanza” – single and video extraordinaire out June 17, 2014!!!

June 9, 2014
Joshua was asked to write a song for a soundtrack based on Jack Kerouac’s Tristessa.  This song was given the name “Esperanza”, after one of the main characters in the story.  ”Esperanza”  is a lovely little diddy written in Spanish, showcasing the bilingual tongue of Mr. James.  Some dear friends in Joshua’s home state are quite good with the video camera, and share the same wild imagination.  They have also graced us with a companion little short film to showcase “Esperanza”.  Both of these items will see the light of day on June 17th, 2014.  Keep an eye out!
A few words about “Esperanza” from Joshua:
“A while back I was asked to read a novel by the INFAMOUS Jack Kerouac entitled “Tristessa”. I have been a fan of Mr. Kerouac’s for awhile now, and was excited to be asked to not only read this unknown (to me) novel but to write a song about the book. I was given the freedom to interpret the book and song how I saw fit.
Now, seeing as how the book is about a prostitute that Jack falls in love with i felt it almost NECESSARY to write about a love / heart break in the said song. And, seeing as how “Tristessa” was a spanish speaker I felt it (again) NECESSARY to write the song in spanish.
Tristessa’s real name was hidden from the common reader to protect her integrity. So in the song I decided to revert back to her REAL name, the enchanting, mystical, sexual “Esperanza”.
Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Joshua James – Debut Australian Tour March 2014!!

February 13, 2014

Live Nation are thrilled to announce Utah-based, innovative folk singer JOSHUA JAMES ’ debut Australian tour. Joshua James is bringing his nouveau brand of folk to Australia as special guest on Neil Finn’s national tour this March, performing extended sets at headline shows in Melbourne at the Shebeen on Friday 14 March, Cronulla, Brass Monkey on Friday 21 March and Sydney, The Vanguard on Sunday 23 March. Tickets for all shows go on sale Thursday 13 February.

“Sentimentality is a key component of his music – songs about kidnappings, the difficulty of communication to distant relatives, substance abuse and other of difficult life challenges feature in his songs, making him comparable to folk legends Bob Dylan or Neil Young.”  The Upcoming, 2012

CRONULLA – BRASS MONKEY – FRIDAY MARCH 21 with special guest Dylan Wright

TICKETS ON SALE: Thursday 13 February

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:

Joshua James at eTown Hall with Tegan and Sara!

December 2, 2013

A bit earlier this year, Joshua and Evan made their way to Boulder, Colorado to visit Nick and Helen and the fine folks at eTown.  For those of you that missed the radio broadcast, you can now stream the show over at  You can stream the entire show here.

Additionally you can watch 4 videos from the performance on youtube here:
Joshua James – Beware 

Joshua James – Doctor, Oh Doctor

Joshua James – Queen of the City

Joshua James – Mystic

Australian tour with Neil Finn March 2014! Australian release through Cooking Vinyl…

November 12, 2013

We are excited to share the news that Joshua will be heading to Australia in March of 2014.  Joshua will be supporting the venerable Mr. Neil Finn for a full Australian tour. Additionally, an Australian version of “From the Top of Willamette Mountain” will be released through Cooking Vinyl on November 15, 2013.

Here’s a list of Australian dates supporting Neil Finn (stay tuned for more):

Nambour, Nambour Civic Centre – March 6
Brisbane, QPAC Concert Hall – March 7
Geelong, GPAC Playhouse – March 11
Melbourne, Hamer Hall – March 12:
Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre – March 15
Perth, Concert Hall – March 16
Newcastle, Civic Theatre – March 20
Sydney, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – March 22


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Give A Penny / Take A Feeling

December 12, 2014

It’s the holiday season.

White snow & mistletoe. Ornaments and stockings. It’s the “Most Wonderful Time of The Year”. Every time the Thanksgiving leftovers have been stuffed into the refrigerator and the winter winds start to swoop through the valley I find myself overwhelmed with thoughts of seasons gone / seasons passed.  I am reminded of the winters in Nebraska, and the magic that seemed to surround the season there. Out of all of the holiday memories that fill my mind there is one in particular that sticks out in my mind. It was December 24th.  I must have been no more than 8 years old. I woke up to a snowy morning and almost instantaneously felt overwhelmed with the “Christmas Spirit,” I couldn’t wait for my gifts / my stocking / my “Christmas Morning”. The day was filled with ginger bread building and food preparations for Christmas Eve night. Beach Boys’ Christmas sang through the speakers and my brothers and I danced around the Christmas tree while Brian Wilson sang “Little Saint Nick”.  All was right with the world.

Soon the sun began to set and I could already hear Santa’s sleigh parking atop the house on Fir Hollow Ct. “Ok, kids, let’s go,” my dad said as he came through the garage door.  I was confused,“…Go? Go where? It’s Christmas Eve.  Aren’t we going to do the scavenger hunt? Aren’t we going to make sandwiches and watch How The Grinch Stole Christmas?” I asked, concerned. “Yes, yes, but first there are some people that we need to visit.” He kindly replied. Reluctantly I joined my other brothers and sisters in the Ford Econoline 150 and we headed out across town.  My father parked the van on an unfamiliar street and asked if I would help him carry some things to a house across the way. “…I guess so.” He handed me a box of what appeared to be toys and food and grabbed the other package that appeared to be a full, frozen turkey. We braved the cold and placed the items on a doorstep of whom I am still not certain. “Ok, Joshua, get ready. I am going to ring the doorbell and then we are going to get back to the car as fast as we can.” I wasn’t even sure what the point of this game was, but I felt excited to be a part of it. He rang the doorbell and we sprinted back to the van. As soon as we got back to the van all my brothers and sisters were anxiously waiting to leave, it seemed they knew the game better than me. And so we went. We were off to the next house, and then the next, the next one and then the next, it was going on and on, but I wasn’t longing to be home, I felt something important was happening. As we dropped off the turkey to the last home my father explained to me that all the homes we had visited that night hadn’t hardly a thing to eat, and no presents for their children. He explained that we had been fortunate, blessed to have what we had, rich beyond belief. I was overwhelmed with the thought and emotion. I will never / could never forget that night.

This Holiday season I decided that I had a “turkey of my own” to give away. I spent last week here inside of Willamette MTN, recording a rendition of an old Christian Hymn. “We Three Kings” was modestly recorded with the help of some amazing friends (Timmy The Teeth, RuRu) and will be released on December 16th, via iTunes and other outlets. You may also download the track now from our friends at Noisetrade and donate whatever amount you wish to give.

Every penny that comes in from the song will be donated to the World Food Program ( to help families in need of food. Whatever “THIS” is, we are ALL in it together. Please take a moment and visit the webpage of the Program, become informed.

The song will be available iTunes and other online media starting Dec. 16th. It is available for donation download now HERE

May the holiday season be bright and may the giving never cease.


Joshua Fred James


November 26, 2014



5:30 AM comes earlier than it normally does when you fill the latter part of the day with herbal teas that have been spiked with Senna leaves. When 1:07 AM comes around, and your body has been in her resting position, there might come a sudden jolt of ache stemming from the reaction that your stomach (and other organs) has given from the “Detoxing” element of the tea that was drank the night prior. Why such a radical choice of tea for the night time?”  You might ask. And yes, it is a valid question. Well…the answer is a touch more complicated than ONE single reason and, or thing. I haven’t ever REALLY made accustom the practice of drinking laxative teas, though often time, I have found, their flavor to be of the licorice variety, which agrees with my taste buds more than other herbal teas. The practice (of drinking these Senna infused teas) started November first. My body, my mind, my being was going through a darkened moment. I felt sluggish, un-energetic, unhealthy, too caffeinated, tired, beat up and SLOOOOW. My mama and sister (both very driven individuals) told me about a book and program (if you can call it a program) that they had recently done. I looked up the book at the nearest retailer and was well on my way to giving a “good ol’boy” try the (enter timpani roll) CLEAN diet, or program, or cleanse, or fast, or whatever. 



I bought the book in late October and by the time November first rolled around I was ready to give the Clean Cleanse a go. I had wanted to wean myself off the 6-8 cups a day of coffee that I had been drinking, get my lungs cleaned, and avoid acid forming foods, which is a big part of the reason for looking into trying out such a food choice change.

 The book, in short, is a description of a recommended “Elimination Diet” where you (basically) avoid caffeine, alcohol, gluten, and added sugar (See Below).

FOOD TO INCLUDE (and avoid)


Almost all fresh fruit

Avoid: Citrus fruits (orange, grapefruit, lemon, lime, etc)


Almost all fresh raw, steamed, sautéed, or roasted vegetables

Avoid: Tomatoes, eggplant, potatoes (sweet potato and yams are okay)


Rice*, buckwheat*

Avoid: Wheat, corn, barley, spelt, kamut, rye, oats, all gluten-containing products


All beans, peas, lentils

Avoid: Soybeans, tofu, tempeh, soy milk,

Nuts and seeds

All seeds and nuts

Meat and fish

Fish, turkey, lamb, wild game

Avoid: Beef, chicken, pork, cold cuts, bacon, hotdogs, canned meat, sausage, shellfish, meat substitutes made from soy

Dairy products and milk substitutes

Unsweetened rice milk*, almond milk, coconut milk

Avoid: Milk, cheese, cottage cheese, cream, yogurt, butter, ice cream, non-dairy creamers, eggs


Cold-expeller pressed olive oil, flaxseed oil, coconut oil

Avoid: Margarine, butter, processed and hydrogenated oils, mayonnaise, spreads


Drink plenty of fresh water, herbal teas (e.g. rooibos, peppermint, etc.)

Avoid: Alcohol, caffeine (coffee, black tea, soda)

Spices and condiments

Sea salt, fresh pepper, fresh herbs and spices (i.e. garlic, cumin, dill, ginger, oregano, parsley, rosemary, thyme, turmeric)

Avoid: Chocolate, ketchup, mustard, relish, chutney, soy sauce, barbecue sauce


Stevia, Coconut Nectar (if needed)

Avoid: White or brown sugar, honey, maple syrup, corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, desserts

As an already non-animal-flesh consumer, the meat area of the Avoidances was of little concern. It was the Caffeine (coffee) and the breads (that beautiful gluttonous concoction of love), and dare I even say it? A bit of the magic, fermented, inebriating liquid some might call “hooch”. And all of these things, out the window, BY MY OWN CHOICE. What!? WHY!?  I needed a restart button, but couldn’t find one anywhere on my person, I felt a strong gravitation toward the program after finishing the book, not only to improve my health, but for a good challenge to boot.

So, the program is quite basic, from what I understood. It requires you do three KEY things.

  1. Take Cleanse Supplements.  Jumpstart your own body’s own detoxification process by taking a few natural supplements aimed to remove toxins. Replenish your body with nutrients that helps aid in digestion and support your liver and digestive system as you detox.
  2. Eat from the Elimination Diet. Avoid foods that are common allergens and only eat from the Elimination Diet list. This allows you to help identify if there are certain foods that causes your body to react poorly as you re-introduce those foods back into your system post-cleanse.
  3. Liquid Breakfast & Dinner. Aid your body in detox and digestion by having a liquid breakfast and dinner. It takes your body at least 8 hours to fully digest food, so by drinking dinner, it helps your body quickly breakdown and absorb the nutrients that you need and helps kick the digestive system into detox mode. You also have to allow 12 hours between dinner and breakfast so that your body has time to completely digest from dinner and kick into detox mode every evening.

Other than that, its quite SMOOOTH sailing. I started the cleanse on November 1st and by November 5th, with no caffeine in my system I was feeling no headaches, no mid-day lull, and no upset stomach. I thought it silly to give up coffee for a good while but as I noticed my body’s reaction to the lack of caffeine/coffee in my stomach I started to reconsider my prior opinion. At day 12 I was getting tired of the juice in the morning and soup in the evening with a 12 hour resting period between my last meal and my first of the following day, BUT!….I did enjoy, however, the effects of avoiding some of the foods that had been causing a bit of bodily discomfort (i.e., gluten). As day 20 rolled around I found myself really happy with the choice to try the cleanse. I feel lighter, more energetic; more bounce in my step, more spring in my jaw (I am not quite sure what that is supposed to mean) and have yet to return to my beverage of choice, coffee. I have, instead, replaced it with a substitute of sorts. When I pass through the whipping windy area of the Midwest I make it a point to stop through Lincoln to visit my parents. This last time through my mother pointed out a drink that she had been liking. Name? Caffix. It is a barley based coffee alternative with added chicory and a very small amount of beet sugar. Since the cleanse has ended I have introduced Caffix into my morning ritual and have had very little desire to return to coffee. I haven’t needed the BUMP to get me out of bed or started for the day. Is this a goodbye? A sappy sorrowful adieu to the beverage that has brought me so much joy and jitter through out the years? I don’t know. BUT, I do know that I am feeling better, and isn’t that good for something? Noticing the changes in my body since her removal (Queen Coffee / Gary the Gluten Gourd) is something I am trying to take a bit more serious….or something. I think I am boring myself with all of this talk.

On other notes.

Since the cleanse I did do a post “cleaning” sugar coaster. We made homemade sugar cookie dough and frosting. I think I like crafts. And after the juicing and detoxing, the avoidances and rules I mistreated myself in such a GOOD way. It was a family affair of sprinkles and sugar bits. Cookies and frosting with a touch of creativity to make it feel “justified”. I slept 9 hours that night. Surely a coma of the sugary sorts.






The winter has begun here in the mountains of Utah. The biting cold air has floated in and the first snow has fallen. It was time to finish digging up the remainder of the root vegetables, parsnips mostly. We found through Mother Earth News, a good way to keep the parsnips from going to waste (there were too many to refrigerate, and heaven knows you can only eat so many parsnip chips). We built a makeshift root cellar in the garden. Seeing as how we had already put the overstock of beets in a 55-gallon trashcan of sand to help them keep through the winter we didn’t need a very large root cellar to keep the remaining parsnips that we had harvested. The process was simple. Dig a trench, fill the trench with straw, add the roots (parsnips), and cover with more straw and some dirt. We added a couple of heavy boards over the top to protect from animals getting in. I suppose it is only proper to have a burial service at the end of the garden season. We are sad and slightly relieved to see the season go. We are still holding on to our kale supply and window herbs, but the bulk of the garden has gone into hibernation.






Thanksgiving is tomorrow, and there is so much to be grateful for. Clean water, a healthy body, access to food, true love, my child, kind friends, loving family, a beating heart and a searching mind, clothing, a shelter to sleep, eat, dance, and live in, animals to provide company and nourishment, a dream to follow and a dream to look for. All of this. It’s here, now, before our own hibernation sets in. I try but can’t always be reminded of these things. The blessed lives that we lead. The company we have/keep. The love that is shown to us. MAGNIFY it all, amigos.

GIVE thanks.

GIVE love.


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