Joshua James – “Esperanza” single/video released!

June 17, 2014

You may now venture out into the wilds of the web and view/purchase/steal Joshua’s tribute to Kerouac’s “Tristessa”.


Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!
Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!

Si me quieres a lado.
Dame mas que tu cuerpo
Soy tu hombre no mas
Te regreso jamas. Mi esperanza!

Ojala que recuerdes
de la sombra de mi
Amor, yo nunca podría
olvidarme de ti

Se crecera mas negro
El corazón al dentro
En mi pecho esta
Sin tu beso sera, mi Esperanza!

Cuando vea tu nombre
En el libro de muertos
Embezare caminando
Al lugar de tu cuerpo

La guitarra se cantara
Cada corde alcanzara
Al hogar de Dios
Lloarare con mi voz, a Esperanza.

Joshua James sings “Esperanza” – single and video extraordinaire out June 17, 2014!!!

June 9, 2014
Joshua was asked to write a song for a soundtrack based on Jack Kerouac’s Tristessa.  This song was given the name “Esperanza”, after one of the main characters in the story.  ”Esperanza”  is a lovely little diddy written in Spanish, showcasing the bilingual tongue of Mr. James.  Some dear friends in Joshua’s home state are quite good with the video camera, and share the same wild imagination.  They have also graced us with a companion little short film to showcase “Esperanza”.  Both of these items will see the light of day on June 17th, 2014.  Keep an eye out!
A few words about “Esperanza” from Joshua:
“A while back I was asked to read a novel by the INFAMOUS Jack Kerouac entitled “Tristessa”. I have been a fan of Mr. Kerouac’s for awhile now, and was excited to be asked to not only read this unknown (to me) novel but to write a song about the book. I was given the freedom to interpret the book and song how I saw fit.
Now, seeing as how the book is about a prostitute that Jack falls in love with i felt it almost NECESSARY to write about a love / heart break in the said song. And, seeing as how “Tristessa” was a spanish speaker I felt it (again) NECESSARY to write the song in spanish.
Tristessa’s real name was hidden from the common reader to protect her integrity. So in the song I decided to revert back to her REAL name, the enchanting, mystical, sexual “Esperanza”.
Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Joshua James – Debut Australian Tour March 2014!!

February 13, 2014

Live Nation are thrilled to announce Utah-based, innovative folk singer JOSHUA JAMES ’ debut Australian tour. Joshua James is bringing his nouveau brand of folk to Australia as special guest on Neil Finn’s national tour this March, performing extended sets at headline shows in Melbourne at the Shebeen on Friday 14 March, Cronulla, Brass Monkey on Friday 21 March and Sydney, The Vanguard on Sunday 23 March. Tickets for all shows go on sale Thursday 13 February.

“Sentimentality is a key component of his music – songs about kidnappings, the difficulty of communication to distant relatives, substance abuse and other of difficult life challenges feature in his songs, making him comparable to folk legends Bob Dylan or Neil Young.”  The Upcoming, 2012

CRONULLA – BRASS MONKEY – FRIDAY MARCH 21 with special guest Dylan Wright

TICKETS ON SALE: Thursday 13 February

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:

Joshua James at eTown Hall with Tegan and Sara!

December 2, 2013

A bit earlier this year, Joshua and Evan made their way to Boulder, Colorado to visit Nick and Helen and the fine folks at eTown.  For those of you that missed the radio broadcast, you can now stream the show over at  You can stream the entire show here.

Additionally you can watch 4 videos from the performance on youtube here:
Joshua James – Beware 

Joshua James – Doctor, Oh Doctor

Joshua James – Queen of the City

Joshua James – Mystic

Australian tour with Neil Finn March 2014! Australian release through Cooking Vinyl…

November 12, 2013

We are excited to share the news that Joshua will be heading to Australia in March of 2014.  Joshua will be supporting the venerable Mr. Neil Finn for a full Australian tour. Additionally, an Australian version of “From the Top of Willamette Mountain” will be released through Cooking Vinyl on November 15, 2013.

Here’s a list of Australian dates supporting Neil Finn (stay tuned for more):

Nambour, Nambour Civic Centre – March 6
Brisbane, QPAC Concert Hall – March 7
Geelong, GPAC Playhouse – March 11
Melbourne, Hamer Hall – March 12:
Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre – March 15
Perth, Concert Hall – March 16
Newcastle, Civic Theatre – March 20
Sydney, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – March 22


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Luck O’ Deh Irish / Women Are Better.

March 23, 2015

A sound of dire need came screaming from the room adjacentto that in which I find most of my sleep. My baby boy had risen from the morning’s sleep and was making it known that he was ready for the day to begin. My eyes were having a hard time adjusting on the floor below. Each step felt heavier and more disorienting as I felt my way around the bed to head into Ollie’s room, the morning’s normal routine had been altered due to the late night that had put me into sleeping position at around 3:30 AM. A string of life living and altering events had got me to this point and for that I was appreciative, though I could’ve done with a bit more sleep.

St. Patrick’s Day, from what I understand, is a celebration of the entering of Christianity into Ireland, a life altering and cultural shift for many in the early rise of Christian traditions. Celebrations often include parties, parades, and the wearing of green clothing and or shamrocks, which are three leaved plants (representing the holy trinity). For some it is another day in the race to the finish, a day at the office, a small foot note on their already over scheduled calendar that hangs on the right side of the fridge. I never paid much mind to the day of St. Patrick; maybe it was my lack of interest in the connotations that accompanied the said holiday. The gluttony and cirrhosis styled drinking that one would willingly put upon themselves rose a bright red “retreat” flag and I never found myself too akin to the tradition and celebration. Five days ago was St. Patrick’s Day. Here in Utah, at least in the area surrounding Willamette MTN, there isn’t too much of a “Luck O’ The Irish” crowd. I didn’t see stumbling drunkards at the pub or half dressed middle aged women with strings of beads around their necks singing “Irish Rover” at the top of their lungs. No, for the most part it was a beautiful sunny day in which seeds were in the need of being planted.

Beets and Carrots / Mama & Ollie


The planting of 2 rows of Happy Jack Kale, 2 rows of Blue Kale, 2 rows of Detroit Red Dark Beets, 1 row of Golden Beets, 1 row of Cylindra Beets and 4 rows of various carrots was all in the morning’s chores that beautiful St. Patrick Day. There was trimming of fruit trees, filling of animal water feeders, checking on baby chick status (of the Glliformes Order) and other “tidy up” jobs as the approaching season comes closer. This is the season that is ALL consuming for me. It is a work intensive couple of months as all of the plants are watched and watered, trying to give each plant a fighting chance against the odds of destruction. Our wearing of green, here at Willamette MTN, consisted of Dandelion Root, Bull Thistle, Houndstongue, Field Blindweed, Yarrow, Crabgrass, Stinkgrass, Quackgrass, and a whole slue of other weeds that are in constant fight for their survival in the Land Of Cauliflower that resides in our back lot.  After the “crops for the day” had been put into the ground and the chores had been completed it was nearly 5 o clock in the afternoon, our bodies felt achy and a rest was in order. There were soft rumors floating around the group of friends that we hold close, leading us to think that there might be a celebration in the works for the day of St. Patrick. Sure enough the party was set in motion. A potluck style gathering that would start at 8pm. The hours ticked by until the small hand hit the 8. Friends gathered inside of Willamette MTN, discussing their current life joys, stresses, struggles and triumphs. Food and drink scattered the kitchen counter and the sounds of laughter filled the MTN, it felt good to be near them.

As we sat around talking of this and that I glanced over to Emma as she was making a startling face. She gave me a grin and with very little concern on her face softly spoke: “Uh…my water just broke.”
Everything. Stopped.
The feeling of excitement held firmly to her cousin, fear.
It had arrived (the day / the hour) in which our second child would be born. We called the midwife as the gang helped get the kitchen in order. There was a celebration and it was a celebration that was IN ORDER this beautiful St. Patrick’s Day night.

The childbearing woman. Something I can’t properly describe (my feelings on the subject). My lover and companion in this wickedly wild journey of living has shown me twice now the POWER in which she has been created. The ability to conceive, grow and birth a living human being is within her. It is something that I have a difficult time in wrapping my head around. As the waves of contraction would take over her being Emma, with each passing swell, drew closer and closer to the arrival of our baby girl, Millie. At 4:32 AM, March 18th, 2015 this beautiful, tiny human being arrived in our bedroom. Breathing and healthy, vibrant and beautiful. The surge of emotion was almost more than my fatigued mind could take.
Life shifts. There are times where I feel that I am in the seat that controls the direction.
Life shifts. I think much less in those regards.
Life shifts. I find it liberating.
That disorienting, beautiful, confusing, breath-taking Thursday was a whirlwind. I hardly recall the events of the day. Baby. Breathe. Mama. Sleep. No sleep. Baby. Confusion. Elation. Devastation. Amazement.

My Girls / Emma & Millie


The Wednesday that Millie was born I was scheduled, with my partner in this musical journey that I am on, Evan, to fly to San Francisco to play two shows. The shows weren’t until Thursday and Friday night. With the MASSIVE support of this incredible woman in my life I was able to make a quick trip to California to sing for two WONDERFUL crowds of people in San Francisco and Santa Cruz (or just outside of Santa Cruz). Both experiences were wonderful and slightly exhausting. My mind wasn’t there (in California), but rather back with the girls and boy that sleep in the same house as me. The madness continued as we flew back to Utah to play that night in Salt Lake City (Saturday night).
It doesn’t stop.
Life shifts. But, it doesn’t stop.
Take it in stride. Slow is OK. Not ALL done, is OK.

Playing in a Snail-shaped House / Outside Santa Cruz / California

California Breathin’


Oliver & Millie / Californian Wine


It can be tiresome. It can be amazing.
But it doesn’t stop.

Here is to old life.
Here is to new life.
Here is to the Grandmother.
Here is to the newborn.
Here is to the dream.
Here is to the nightmare.
Here is to the fertile.
Here is to the baron.

Mine Is such a light load, but the weight can feel heavy.

On My Own Death / Big Black Nothin’

March 2, 2015

Walking across Hwy 2 in Lincoln, Nebraska can strike fearinto the steadiest of legs and firmest of hearts. It is 4-lane highway that stretches across the capital city of the heartland’s state. It also was the well-frequented route of kids returning home from their allotted time served at Pound Middle School. This said route was the one that I would wander across, as I would return home from school.  It would be prudent to make known the winter’s preferred environment in that city was slick roads and snowy drifts, and it was right in the middle of this type of weather. I could barely gather my footing along the sidewalk that lead to Hwy 2. As I got to the crosswalk the snow was falling to the point of blindness. The crosswalk beeped and showed a dimly lit walking man on the light pole across the hwy. I started across and from the right of me I could see headlights moving much too quick to be stopping at the stoplight.

The car was sliding, with speed, across the intersection right toward me. I was 2 feet away from the vehicle as it squealed with intention of stopping right to my side. The man rolled down his window and with sincerity remarked:
“Geezus, it sure is icy on these roads t’day. You Ok, kid?”
“Yea…I’m ok..” I replied as I kept walking across the hwy.
I made it the rest of the way safely and was left with my overly working heart and barely working brain. Every thought of algebraic equations and taxation without representation had flown the proverbial coop (my mind) and was replaced with thoughts of “What if..” or “How will it feel…?” and “What happens when…?”
Thinking back about the event from an older man’s brain I am sure that much of my fear and recall has been blown out of proportion, much like an Alaskan fishing trip, to the point of thinking that things happened “bigger” than they really did. All that being said the sentiment of what I felt that winter’s day has stayed with me long after the snow melted and turned into spring.
I couldn’t help but think about how it is I will go / die / decay. What event will claim my heart and brain? 

Moon Gazers / Fire Friends.

Three nights ago I was able to see a fantastic friend / singer / searcher perform in downtown Salt Lake City, before going to the show Emma and I had the fortune of going to Chanon Thai located off of 900 s. in Salt Lake. The wait was long and the post-order delivery even longer. This gave time for us to talk (really talk. This can become infrequent). Somehow the theme of “what will you do when I die?” came up. We talked about our wills and our desires of what we would want to have happen when we pass through, into the great black Nothing. It seems we move around in such a lighting pace, we can barely even conceptualize the fact that one day we won’t be (moving around, at all.) The preparation for the inevitable day is one of the last things to cross my mind. The theme seemed dark, but it felt good to have my lover know what it was I would want when I died. How I would want to be buried. What could be done with the animals, etc. We finished dinner and ran off to the State Room to see Gregory Alan Isakov sing to a sold out crowd of onlookers. Brilliant he is.
Sunday rolled around and my mind had been scattering itself all night. Little sleep. Partly due to the talk of death, and partly because of my shoulder’s inability to re-cooperate swiftly enough after pulling a ligament during a beginners class to Yoga (oh, the body, the beautiful and ever-weakening frame o mine). 

Ollie-VER / Table Dancing.

Goat Sheering / / Shirley

5 am rolled around and it was up and to the table. Computer out. Google search: “Making your own will and testament”. As you can imagine there are hundreds of sites that were pulled from the inner workings of the Internet. As I scowered through site after site I settled on one that fit Utah laws and was (seemingly) quick and easy. It didn’t hurt that the cost was $0. I put in the proper information and printed out the document. Needing to have two witnesses when I sign it I decided to leave it on the breakfast table, figured it would be a good pancake eating conversation starter.
“…Good morning, babe…uh…Joshua? What is this?”
Perfect start to a Sunday.

Sunday Morning and In Love

The whole rest of the day I was transfixed on Death and the preparation of her inevitable visit. I came to the conclusion that that night I would dress myself in black, paint my face and sit down at the table to write what it was I wanted at my “departing fiesta”. Where I wanted to be buried. Who would be getting my whittling knife kit, and the list goes on. I made mention of my plans for the evening, and though there was a little confusion in the acceptance of an invitation to the table of “death preparation” I think that it sank in that it would be something that might help with those that would take up the responsibility of relocating your dead weight. And so, around 7pm, as Emma was finishing up on a new granola recipe that she had been “tagged” for in the confusing world of Pinterest, I dressed in all black, painted my eyes and sat down at the table. Emma looked over at me and with the same playful smile that I fell in with said: “You have grown strange.” On the stereo we played songs such as “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths, “Knockin on Heaven’s Door” by Bob Dylan, “The Great Gig In The Sky” by Pink Floyd, “King’s Crossing” by Elliott Smith and “Life Goes On” by 2Pac. We scribbled down our last wishes as songs about death were being sung pleasantly on the turntable. 

On My Own Death / Version One.

Lovers in Life

What started out as a silly death based date night around the kitchen table turned out to become a highly enjoyable conversation on how, if given the choice, we would go. A thought on what song we would want our friends and family to hear as they were in gathering after our passing. Who gets the goats?

Plant my ashes with a tree.

Don’t wear black.

To remember the dead is for the living.

Give my guitars to Evan.

Funerals ain’t for me; I suppose they never were for the dead.

Listen to Sam Cooke.

Listen to Grease (1) Soundtrack.

Don’t listen to Grease (2) Soundtrack.

Tell my babies to LIVE.

Some reading and recipes for the week:

Death Preparation

In Case Of Emergency Document

Make Your Own Will & Testament

In The Event Of My Death

Songs About Death


Live a good life. Have a good death
(grim? probably. SO BE IT)

Joshua (another wolf in the world)

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