Joshua James – “Esperanza” single/video released!

June 17, 2014

You may now venture out into the wilds of the web and view/purchase/steal Joshua’s tribute to Kerouac’s “Tristessa”.


Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!
Si te me vas Esperanza
No regreses a mi!

Si me quieres a lado.
Dame mas que tu cuerpo
Soy tu hombre no mas
Te regreso jamas. Mi esperanza!

Ojala que recuerdes
de la sombra de mi
Amor, yo nunca podría
olvidarme de ti

Se crecera mas negro
El corazón al dentro
En mi pecho esta
Sin tu beso sera, mi Esperanza!

Cuando vea tu nombre
En el libro de muertos
Embezare caminando
Al lugar de tu cuerpo

La guitarra se cantara
Cada corde alcanzara
Al hogar de Dios
Lloarare con mi voz, a Esperanza.

Joshua James sings “Esperanza” – single and video extraordinaire out June 17, 2014!!!

June 9, 2014
Joshua was asked to write a song for a soundtrack based on Jack Kerouac’s Tristessa.  This song was given the name “Esperanza”, after one of the main characters in the story.  ”Esperanza”  is a lovely little diddy written in Spanish, showcasing the bilingual tongue of Mr. James.  Some dear friends in Joshua’s home state are quite good with the video camera, and share the same wild imagination.  They have also graced us with a companion little short film to showcase “Esperanza”.  Both of these items will see the light of day on June 17th, 2014.  Keep an eye out!
A few words about “Esperanza” from Joshua:
“A while back I was asked to read a novel by the INFAMOUS Jack Kerouac entitled “Tristessa”. I have been a fan of Mr. Kerouac’s for awhile now, and was excited to be asked to not only read this unknown (to me) novel but to write a song about the book. I was given the freedom to interpret the book and song how I saw fit.
Now, seeing as how the book is about a prostitute that Jack falls in love with i felt it almost NECESSARY to write about a love / heart break in the said song. And, seeing as how “Tristessa” was a spanish speaker I felt it (again) NECESSARY to write the song in spanish.
Tristessa’s real name was hidden from the common reader to protect her integrity. So in the song I decided to revert back to her REAL name, the enchanting, mystical, sexual “Esperanza”.
Here is a love affair song.
One for the faithful and the fallen.
“La guitarra se cantará”

Joshua James – Debut Australian Tour March 2014!!

February 13, 2014

Live Nation are thrilled to announce Utah-based, innovative folk singer JOSHUA JAMES ’ debut Australian tour. Joshua James is bringing his nouveau brand of folk to Australia as special guest on Neil Finn’s national tour this March, performing extended sets at headline shows in Melbourne at the Shebeen on Friday 14 March, Cronulla, Brass Monkey on Friday 21 March and Sydney, The Vanguard on Sunday 23 March. Tickets for all shows go on sale Thursday 13 February.

“Sentimentality is a key component of his music – songs about kidnappings, the difficulty of communication to distant relatives, substance abuse and other of difficult life challenges feature in his songs, making him comparable to folk legends Bob Dylan or Neil Young.”  The Upcoming, 2012

CRONULLA – BRASS MONKEY – FRIDAY MARCH 21 with special guest Dylan Wright

TICKETS ON SALE: Thursday 13 February

For complete tour and ticket information, visit:

Joshua James at eTown Hall with Tegan and Sara!

December 2, 2013

A bit earlier this year, Joshua and Evan made their way to Boulder, Colorado to visit Nick and Helen and the fine folks at eTown.  For those of you that missed the radio broadcast, you can now stream the show over at  You can stream the entire show here.

Additionally you can watch 4 videos from the performance on youtube here:
Joshua James – Beware 

Joshua James – Doctor, Oh Doctor

Joshua James – Queen of the City

Joshua James – Mystic

Australian tour with Neil Finn March 2014! Australian release through Cooking Vinyl…

November 12, 2013

We are excited to share the news that Joshua will be heading to Australia in March of 2014.  Joshua will be supporting the venerable Mr. Neil Finn for a full Australian tour. Additionally, an Australian version of “From the Top of Willamette Mountain” will be released through Cooking Vinyl on November 15, 2013.

Here’s a list of Australian dates supporting Neil Finn (stay tuned for more):

Nambour, Nambour Civic Centre – March 6
Brisbane, QPAC Concert Hall – March 7
Geelong, GPAC Playhouse – March 11
Melbourne, Hamer Hall – March 12:
Adelaide, Thebarton Theatre – March 15
Perth, Concert Hall – March 16
Newcastle, Civic Theatre – March 20
Sydney, Sydney Opera House Concert Hall – March 22


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Let it EAT you / Lost In Dream

February 25, 2015

Ollie-VER / American Fork Canyon

The process begins to consume me.
Wake up (check)
Morning Tea (check)
Feed the animals (check)
Make the gang breakfast (check)
And to the studio I head.
Mind intact or not, it mattereth not.
I sit and waste the day. Singing, strumming.
The whole thing is narcissistic really.
HERE are MY songs…(rarrrr)
“I think that you should listen to ME! (sing)

But even that being said I let it chew me up.
I find it difficult to give much else any matter.
This can prove to be bad.
This (also) can lead to creativity.
To find the balance between these two realms is something that I am in constant search of.
Now, needless to say, I am working on my 4th record.
The writing of which I have been working on for the past two years.
There is a sentiment that has come through on this set of songs that I am both excited and nervous about. A portrait of a young yet aging boy. A dancing king. A feather that floats to the other side of the world. Three deaths. A death of a lover, of myself. A death of a friend, even one of the feline sort. Dirt and diamonds. An unborn baby. A way to cope. A near consumption of my senses. It is all found within the walls of these songs.

25 songs total have started to take shape on the recording system.
There is new breath to breathe.
It feels to be creating on my own songs; it surely has been a spell (of time).

The last thing that we released under the “Joshua James” name was a record of songs written by Modest Mouse [see also: “shameless promotion”]. The undertaking of starting on a record becomes a wave of emotional mayhem, wondering if you have chosen the write songs to record, sang with the right amount of intensity without disrupting the delicate balance between the song and the over-sung. This sad, slightly desperate cry is merely a sapling of the constant churning of the “WHAT” and the “HOW” after the record has come to it’s completion.
As with so many artists in the years of the 2010’s (is that what you would call this time? The 2010’s? Or would it just be the 10’s? The 10’s don’t really ring true for me, it doesn’t sound right, and Lord knows we can’t be calling the next decade the 20’s. I mean what then would happen to the 1920’s? We couldn’t possibly use the same moniker for the era that Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton were on the top of the world now could we? I mean, COULD WE?) I too am trying to figure out where my being can and will reside. The days of releasing records and making enough from the sales to pay for “living” seems to have snuck out the bathroom window. 

(Death on the MTN. Last week we found a dead chicken laying in her coop, we haven’t even a clue as to what may have happened. Death breeds life breeds art breeds death. )

 Wood Spoon for friends. Take it as it comes

Boy & Girl. Dinner Table. Willamette MTN

This is coming off as a cheap way to complain, but really it isn’t the sentiment of complaint that I feel, it is more a rush of paralyzation that has started at my toes and is making it’s way to my brain. I am just NOT QUITE SURE what to do with the record once it has been completed. I suppose that there is a small amount (or large amount, depending on your scale) of trust that must be had in the process. Trust that there are those that will connect (or try to) with what it is you are singin’ about. Without this said factor the world (musical or non) becomes scary.

This last week I had two amigos release their records with the same fear and trembling. Mr. Timothy George goes by the moniker “Timmy The Teeth”, his second LP “Just Another Day” was recorded here inside of Willamette MTN. Evan Coulombe played guitar, Isaac Russell played bass and I was fortunate enough to be behind the mixing board while wearing the producer hat. The record turned out marvelously and if you have an ear for a slightly older country taste (but…not really all that country), you should make yer way to hear it HERE. Now, Timmy ain’t the only friend that released an amazing record this last year. One of my oldest musical friends that I have, Isaac Russell, who goes by the moniker RuRu, has also released his second LP by the names of “Mother/Father”, this record is also one that I feel honored to have worked on. We recorded his LP inside of Willamette MTN with close friends playing beautifully composed parts that weaved themselves into Mr. Russell’s songs. Find yourselves HERE if you would like to help this young rock n roller with his pursuits in the sinking ship of artistry (cue the music, Kirk!). 

Timmy The Teeth - Bullshit (Live at Velour)

RuRu - Oh, Gloria (Live at Velour)

These two fine fellows that I am lucky enough to call friends played a show in celebration of their releases in Provo, UT at a club that we, around here, call home. VELOUR live music gallery. The feeling of seeing so many old friends and being able to play music with many of them is a feeling I don’t find anywhere else. If there is a “SPIRIT” that watches over mankind and fills him with feelings of enlightenment and hope than it was present that night. I think it for the chance to be there and experience such an ennobling setting.

Now here is to you, my friends, my constant companions. May our paths run together in time. May we die singing.

joshua (just another wolf)

Back at it. Jordan and his hands of fury

February 11, 2015

Back at it. Jordan and his hands of fury

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